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Friends of the Dr. Oz Show!!!

Friends of the Dr. Oz Show,

Welcome to our strange little corner of the interwebs!!!

We are a nutrition education program that focuses on balancing macronutrients (carbs, fats, & proteins) and playing outside to help people reach their health and weight loss goals.  We do a lot of things to help our tribe eat better (and actually ENJOY it), but one of the best tools we’ve found to help us reach those goals is the InstantPot.  It makes meal prep quick and easy.  Because we love it so much, we’ve become (either total fangirls or) experts in the field of cooking well quickly with the IP.  Thanks for letting us share some of our favorite recipes with you!

The Recipes

Crack Chicken–  Addictive ranchy, bacony chicken dip that you’ll want to eat with a fork.

1-Minute Shrimp–Fast, easy, hands-off shrimp in minutes

healthy shrimp instantpot

Knife-Free Spaghetti Squash–Make spaghetti squash without losing your fingers.  Win-win.

Chicken Tortilla Soup–One of our most viral recipes on the blog.  Delicious, easy, and FAST.

Hard-Boiled Eggs–Conquering my ultimate kitchen foe: the hard-boiled egg. 😉

Egg Loaf–Shortcut to Egg Salad with this Egg Loaf

Mississippi Roast–Tender, flavorful, easy, and family-friendly. Total win.

Pot Roast, Potatoes, and Carrots–This will make you an instant southern cook!

Noodle-Less Chicken Soup–Like your grandma’s but without the carbs.

Help for Beginners

We’ve turned a LOT of people onto the wonders of the InstantPot, so we’ve also tried to be good friends and help them get started.  We’ve built all sorts of resources for beginners.

InstantPot 101--We use this guide in our live classes at Huntington’s Kitchen and for our online webinars.  It’s a great primer for unboxing and getting started with the IP.  The recipes are easy and designed to give you some easy wins so you get your confidence up to try more things.  You can download it for free using the button below!

Becoming a Pressure Cooker Pro–This page goes over all the basics, shopping guides for the IPs themselves and recommended accessories, and just some best practices for getting started.  We think you’ll find it SUPER useful if you’re new to cooking with electric pressure cookers.

All the best,


Looking for more recipes like these?  Check out our online recipe book!

New to macros in general?  Take our free 7-day ecourse.  We’ll teach you all about em!

Looking for an amazingly supportive community of weird macro-counters like yourself?  Come on over.

Have other questions?  Drop us a line! hello at getmacroed dot com

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