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Challenges, challenges

We have had the BEST time with our new MacroEd Tribe members as we completed our first complete challenge as a group.  The energy and encouragement in the private FB group has been fantastic.  The results have been off the charts both in terms of weight loss and NSVs (non-scale victories).

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • members reducing or eliminating medications (diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, etc)
  • members’ doctors can’t believe the improvements in their stats over the course of 8 weeks (improved A1C, triglycerides, HDL, etc)
  • members in smaller jeans than they’ve worn in years or slipping on jewelry they thought they’d never be able to wear again

I mean check out the 8 week progress!  Click through to see more!

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And what’s even COOLER, this is what they had to say about how they feel:

“If you work it, it will work. Awesome group of people who know what they’re doing and truly care about changing lives.”

“People are noticing the weight loss and increase in energy. I feel more in control and comfortable in my own skin.”

“I learned that I am able to stick to a plan and work toward goals. I enjoyed learning so many new recipes that I can add to my daily routine.”

“Felt good, for once. No longer ached. Discontinued two medications I was taking. I feel better, and I look better!”

 “Being able to cut down on the insulin I need and manage my diabetes through diet has been the biggest non-scale victory.”

“These awesome folks will walk you through everything you need to know, and the suppor from the group is out of this world. Ashley and Jeremy are both so knowledgeable and are genuinely interested in helping people life a healthier, happier life.”

So, if you’re asking yourself how they made these changes in a few short weeks, here’s what we did:

  • 8 week macro cycle to find what carb/fat loads work the best for each person
  • Weekly live Q&A with Registered Dietitian Jeremy Mullins to answer any specific questions, go over general information, and help members tweak as questions or concerns came up
  • Weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and macro-friendly recipes delivered each Friday.  Use as much or as little help as you need.
  • Email-based lessons and challenges
  • Private FB group for accountability, support, encouragement, and information.

We took care of the planning.  These members executed the plan and reaped the rewards.  It was most certainly our best cycle yet.

If these results are in line with what you want for yourself, our next cycle starts Apr 3.  Registration is now open, but spots are filling up quickly.  Registration is $125 from now until the challenge starts on Apr 3.  You’ll have the very same tools available to you that these members used to create their own success stories.  Meal plans are new every cycle, so you can look forward to new macro-friendly recipes that fit the seasons.  (Hello, grill season!)

We’re excited to welcome new friends into our MacroEd Tribe and to keep our veteran pals focused and moving forward towards their goals.  Each cycle, we improve our program based on feedback from members, so we feel sure that this upcoming one will be even better than the last.  Get registered now and be a part of the excitement.  Join the Tribe!

Giveaway Time!

And, just to sweeten the deal, we’re going to do a giveaway.  If you’ve been around MacroEd for very long, you know we don’t do anything small.  This giveaway is no different.  We wanted to go BIG for you guys, so if you’ll help us share our challenge with your friends and family, we’ll give you a full YEAR of MacroEd AND a full YEAR of protein supplements from 1st Phorm!  We’ll have your membership into MacroEd covered until Apr 2018 and hook you up with one tub of protein EVERY MONTH for a whole YEAR!

To get registered, go here:
You’ll be emailed your own lucky link.  Share the daylights out of that thing.  For every friend who joins the giveaway with your link, you’ll score THREE more entries.  The more your share, the better your chances to win!

Good luck, y’all!  See you in the Challenge!

All the best,

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