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Hard-Boiled Eggs

My family of southern women may disown me when they find out about this, but I very literally CANNOT make hard-boiled eggs by myself.  Something goes sideways every time I try.  I’ve googled, watched YouTube, called my momma, called my grandma…I just can’t do it.

After a particularly demoralizing defeat, I even posted to my Facebook status:
Hard-boiled eggs: 12423487
Ashley: 0

A week later, my sweet neighbor (also a strong, southern woman) showed up with an electric hard-boiled egg machine.  I still could do it with that.

I was about to give up on my dreams of ever bringing deviled eggs to a family function when I heard about how quick and easy they were in my beloved InstantPot.  You may say I own a $100 Hard-Boiled Egg Maker, but I swear I’d keep it if this was the only recipe I could master.  Now I’m a deviled-egg MACHINE!  You will be too.

This method is called the “6-6-6 Method” not because it summons Satan but so you can remember the timing of all the steps.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-Boiled Eggs


  • 1 C water
  • 6-18 large eggs (you may be able to do more, but that's as far as I've ever pushed it)


  1. Put water in the bottom of the InstantPot.
  2. Either add eggs on the trivet, into the bottom, or in a silicone colander or metal steamer basket. (I've tried them all and can't swear that eggs break less frequently in any one method over the other, but I usually use the silicone colander.)
  3. Program to Manual High for 6 minutes.
  4. Let NPR for 6 minutes. (let pressure come down manually without releasing it from the valve)
  5. Sit in an ice bath for 6 minutes.

Take that 6 mins in the ice bath part to heart.  The BEST thing about this recipe is how easily these bad boys peel, but if you get busy and leave them in the ice bath unattended (guilty!), they can get brittle and undo your hard work.

Once you have a bajillion hard-boiled eggs because you’re so proud of yourself (other people do that too, right?) check out my MiMi’s recipe for Deviled Eggs.  Yummm.

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Gluten Free: Yeah, buddy!
Vegetarian:  You know eggs are a gray area, so you do you.

All the best,


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