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Most of the people I see being successful with flexible dieting and macro counting are either body builders, food bloggers, or fitness trainers.  They have a lot of time and motivation to do well with this and maybe not as many other things on their plates as the rest of us since this is a part of their jobs.  I’m a mom of two tiny people and a wife.  I’m employed full time and no one pays me for amazing food prep or my body composition.  I’m just trying to cook healthier, more macro-balanced meals for my family because I truly feel like it’s good for us.  So this is my corner of the iifym, flexible dieting, macro counting world.  These are some things that work for me that I hope will help you too.  -A


Changing lives through nutrition education and community support

We believe that access to simple, easy-to-understand, accurate nutrition education is lacking.  From companies to individuals to the government, everyone has an agenda for the nutrition advice they share.  It has created a situation in which EVERY food has been declared as “unhealthy” at some point or another.  People feel confused, overwhelmed, and defeated when they try to change their lifestyles because of all of this misinformation.

We work hard to fix that.  We offer a real-food approach to nutrition and teach members how to prepare their foods in easy, delicious ways so that this program becomes a part of their lives.  Our program offers live calls with a Registered Dietitian, accountability groups lead by trained staff where members progress through the plan with others at the same pace to share ideas, successes, and challenges.  Our courses are simple and easy to follow.  We won’t just tell you what to eat, but we’ll explain why we recommend that and then show you how to cook it.  This comprehensive approach has already helped thousands and we hope to soon help you.



…that life is better when a person is healthy.

…that mood, behavior, job performance, interpersonal relationships, energy, and body composition are all improved with a healthy lifestyle.

…that the first and best way to improve health is through diet and exercise as opposed to medicine and surgery.

…that clear, honest, easy-to-understand nutritional education is not readily available to the general public.

…that you shouldn’t “help” someone by making them dependent upon you or your products. We aim to produce independent, capable individuals who can think, shop, cook, and eat for themselves in healthier ways as a result of the time they’ve spent with us.  If we do our jobs right, you won’t need us six months from now…we just hope you’ll hang around because you like us by then.  😉

…that having a community of like-minded friends who are chasing the same goals makes ALL the difference in the world. Our members are successful because our community is active, supportive, and thriving.

…that nutrition, cooking, and fitness can and should fit into your normal life. We aim to make our plan easy-to-follow, easy-to-share, and easy-to-integrate into your normal life with your family and friends.  We include meal plans that help you entertain without abandoning your goals and fitness challenges that let you get active with the ones you love most.  We don’t want you in a corner being the weirdo who can’t have any fun or eat anything normal.  We want you sharing what you’re learning and the lifestyle you’re building in real ways with real people.

…that you can have fun, make friends, and actually ENJOY getting healthy…because you’ve shown us that over and over and over again.

…that we are the luckiest people in the world to get to be a part of this program. Thanks for letting us take these journeys with you.  Your success is very literally our success.  We couldn’t be more proud of this community.

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