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Year in Review

This time of year it's easy to let healthy habits fall away and let guilt creep in.  We see it in our newfeeds, in our community, and even in our own lives.  It's a difficult time of year to be…

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MacroEd + Transphormation Challenges

We have had SUCH good feedback so far from those participating in our New Year MacroEd Challenge.  We're enjoying brand new meal plans, weekly live Q&As, tons of different accountability measures, and great support from both members and leaders.  So…

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Why a Challenge?

Why a Challenge? As we're gearing up for our New Year Challenge, some of you may be asking yourself, "Why do I need to do a challenge when I can just follow along with the macro plan on my own…

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Year In Review

I can't believe it's almost 2017. It's been such a crazy year! As MacroEd approaches its first birthday, Jeremy and I sat down to examine what's worked, what needs tweaked, and where we go from here.  These are some of…

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Meal Prep by Butter It Up HQ

You all asked for macro-friendly made-to-order meal prep. And starting next week, our friends at Butter It Up HQ are excited to start providing it for you!  So if the holidays are just too busy and you need a hand…

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Member Spotlight: Elizabeth

The end of the September Level Up Challenge brought a crush of progress photos and positive feedback.  We have been SO excited to hear from you all and learn about the success you’re having.  One thing we’ve wanted to do to celebrate is to feature members and their stories periodically on the blog.  Today is our first opportunity to do that, and it’s with one of our oldest, dearest friends Elizabeth Hensley.

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