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MacroEd + Transphormation Challenges

We have had SUCH good feedback so far from those participating in our New Year MacroEd Challenge.  We’re enjoying brand new meal plans, weekly live Q&As, tons of different accountability measures, and great support from both members and leaders.  So far, the results and engagement have been better than we could have hoped.  We’re having a great time and lots of lives are changing in our challenge group.

NOW, we have a chance for members to sign up for both the MacroEd Challenge AND the Transphormation Challenge put on by 1st Phorm.  This will allow members to  double-dip by using the same efforts, accountability, and education that we provide here at MacroEd while ALSO being eligible for prizes through 1st Phorm.  Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to enter at least ONE MacroEd challenge this year.  We run them quarterly.  Our next challenge beings Apr 3rd and runs through June 24th.  The timing is perfect if you’re wanting to look and feel good for your summer adventures.  It is available for pre-sale now for only $75 for the 3 month cycle.  You can get signed up here:

You’ll ALSO need to sign up with 1st Phorm for their Transformation Challenge.  The only requirements for their challenge are before and after photos and some video submissions.  Once you sign up, we will remind you of when those are due and how to submit them.  You’ll already be doing progress pictures for your MacroEd Challenge, so this won’t be much added work on your part.  The Transphormation Challenge is free.  You can sign up here:

Now, here’s the cool part:  By signing up for BOTH challenges, you’ll be eligible for prizes every-dang-where.  We’ll be giving them away periodically through the MacroEd Challenge.  Jeremy is offering his own prizes every 30 days.  AND you’ll be eligible for 1st Phorm prizes as well.  How cool is that?!

That’s all we ask.  Just join our challenge so we can give you our best educational materials, newest meal plans, and live weekly interactions.  We’ll let you know FIRST about everything we have going on here at MacroEd.  Join the free 1st Phorm Transphormation challenge to make yourself eligible for prizes from Jeremy AND 1st Phorm.  Last year Jeremy helped more people than nearly anyone affiliated with 1st Phorm in terms of nutrition advice and our services here at MacroEd, but 1st Phorm didn’t get to see all the awesome things you guys accomplished.  By registering in both places, you’ll be able to show 1st Phorm the amazing things happening here at MacroEd under Jeremy’s lead.  He wants to be their top trainer next year so we’re going to help him get there by documenting all the good things that are ALREADY happening here.

So, now it’s your turn:
Register for our next MacroEd Challenge here:
Sign up for 1st Phorm’s free Transphormation Challenge here:
You’ll be helping Jeremy flex his trainer muscles AND make yourself eligible for ALL the information, prizes, and giveaways we can put together for you.

To be eligible for the Feb 30-day challenge, you must be registered for both by 2/25!

We’re excited to be working with ALL of you this year!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your story.

All the best,

Ashley & Jeremy

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