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Year In Review

I can’t believe it’s almost 2017. It’s been such a crazy year! As MacroEd approaches its first birthday, Jeremy and I sat down to examine what’s worked, what needs tweaked, and where we go from here.  These are some of our biggest takeaways from the last year:

You all are freaking awesome.

When people start businesses intentionally (which we didn’t…at all), they do things like discuss their “target demographic”, figure out how to market themselves, and decide what products to offer.  We didn’t start with any of that.  We didn’t even know we were going anywhere and then you all showed up.  We just started teaching and you all showed up.

If there was ever a perfect “target demographic” for us, it would be you!  You’re a smart, encouraging, and genuine group of people.  Since last January, we’ve been surprised and humbled over and over by the time and trust you’ve invested in us and our community.  Whenever we’ve been stuck on where to go next, we’ve just asked you…and every time you’ve come through with clear directions on what you need and how we can best serve you.  We couldn’t have, and wouldn’t have, wanted to walk this road without you.

We all do better when we tackle the 8 week challenges together.

Last January, when MacroEd began, we all walked through the first 8 week challenge together.  You were just as new at taking 8 week challenges as we were at giving them. For the next 7 months people came and went and completed 8 week cycles whenever it was convenient for them, and that’s great.  Then, in September, we buckled down and all did an 8 week cycle together.  It was exciting and rejuvenating for our whole team.

We learned that while anyone can complete the 8 week cycle on their own and have success, we, as a team, do better when we plan to do 8 week cycles together in the form of a challenge.  So this coming year we’ll be running 4 8-week challenges with some downtime in between.  Our first cycle begins on Jan 1 and runs through the end of Feb.   We’ll do another beginning in April and ending in time for bathing suit season.  😉  We’ll repeat this pattern throughout the year. It really does take a village and our village is committed to making sure you get the most out of our program!

The people who put the most into the program get the most out of it.

Jeremy and I have referenced financial adviser Dave Ramsey several times in the last year.  His philosophy about his financial programs is this: “If you work the plan, you won’t WANT your money back.  If you don’t work the plan, you don’t GET your money back.”  We’ve watched this in action within MacroEd.  The people who have jumped into the program with both feet have had the most success.  Those who stayed on the sidelines and just dipped their toes in from time to time didn’t have as much success.  So the lesson we’ve learned is that it’s important to go all in when you tackle a MacroEd challenge. Or anything in life really!

There is a feeling of being lost and unsure of your next steps after the 8 week challenge ends.

We’ve introduced several plans for what to do when the 8 weeks end, but we’ve found that we need to be more direct and offer more resources.  You talked and we listened. We’re already working to create those resources for the end of the 8 week cycle that begins in January.  So, we’re going to hang onto you all for a few weeks after the challenge ends to make SURE you’re comfortable with the next step options available to you.  This will be the biggest tweak you see in our macro plan next year.

It isn’t just about getting you through an 8 week cycle so you see results for us. It’s about setting you, your body, and your lifestyle up for long term success.

Change is good.

In January 2016, and every day since then, Jeremy has said that his intention was to give away his nutrition education to as many people as he could for free for a year.  In that year, we’ve grown into this thriving, supportive, awesome community.  Jeremy has done hours of live Q&As, more Facebook messaging to answer questions than should be legal, and has served as the resident nutritional guru for thousands of our members all year.

We’ve added accountability groups, beginner courses, meal plans, and dozens upon dozens of recipes.  We’ve created a group for you all that provided as much value, community, support, and tools to take your health and your life to the next level as we could muster.  Jeremy has done exactly what he set out to do and you’ve blown us away this year with the way this community has grown, lifted each other up, and the progress you’ve made.  We’ve watched you all lose thousands of pounds (yes, thousands!) and more importantly, watched your lives change in ways we never realized were possible.

We’re truly humbled by the way you’ve changed our lives by letting us change yours. We’re always striving to provide you with the best possible resources and opportunities to really invest in your health and success. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce our paid membership program when our January challenge begins next month!

The January Challenge + Paid Program

So, what are you getting with the paid program? More hands on individual attention to really help you buckle down and tackle our 8 week program. We’ve always been here to answer your questions when you have them but this paid option allows us to really work with people individually to pinpoint their struggles, successes, and how to make changes to fit their personal, lifestyle, and dietary needs.

We’ll walk you through the 8 week challenge PLUS provide 4 weeks of help after the fact to plan and execute those crucial next steps you need for long term success. You’ll get access to our exclusive library of eBooks, weekly live Q&As, weekly challenges to keep you on track, monthly bundles, access to our brand new MacroEd Tribe Facebook group so you can ask all your questions in a safe space, and even more Macro-friendly recipes.  Plus you’ll have early bird access to any new programs, challenges, or materials we put out and more prizes for winners when we host giveaways!  We’re working on securing prizes for the challenge.  So far, we have 1st Phorm products and apparel.  We’re hoping to score a bundle of meal-prep tools too!  The New Year Challenge will run for 8 weeks of macros + 4 weeks of next steps and include all these benefits for $75 for the entire 12 weeks of services.  That comes out to $6.25/week.  We’ll easily help you save that much with macro-friendly recipes that you make at home.  See how quickly it’ll pay for itself? 😉  Read to sign up?  Registration is live!


We’re so excited to bring this brand new, highly customized option to you! And we have you all to thank for it. Without your help in testing this program, providing feedback, and letting us know what works and what doesn’t we wouldn’t be launching this fantastic resource. We’re ready to provide you even more value and pounds lost in 2017!

Registration will only be open for a few weeks before each cycle.  Those who don’t join us when the cycle begins will be asked to wait until the next challenge starts.  Registration for the January Challenge opens on December 10 and closes on Jan 14.  After that window, we’ll close registration until mid-March for the April Challenge.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming days! Register here.

More than anything, we want you to know how much we appreciate the year you’ve given us.  And how hard we’re working to serve you even better in the coming year.  We’re looking forward to learning and growing with you in 2017!

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