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Why a Challenge?

Why a Challenge?

As we’re gearing up for our New Year Challenge, some of you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to do a challenge when I can just follow along with the macro plan on my own for free?”  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Here are our top 5 reasons why YOU need to register for our New Year Challenge.


There’s strength in numbers

Why suffer alone when you can suffer with a team of friends going through the same thing that you’re doing at the same time? 😉 We’ve approached macro cycles many different ways over the last year and we’ve found that we (as a community and on an individual level) do better when we all cycle through at the same time.  That’s why registration closes on Jan 15 after it’s too late for someone to jump in with us.  We’ll open registration quarterly.  The excitement and the idea that we’re all in this together from all over the world (literally! Remember our map?) is pretty powerful.

Two words: New recipes

I’ve wanted to redo our meal plans for a long time, and I’m finally ready.  I’ve been planning with my meal prep ninja friends and these will be the first new meal plans in 9 months.  This means new recipes, new meal combos, new snack lists, new eating out guides, etc.  I’m excited to share these with you as they’re our most requested resources.

I’ve come to know a lot about you guys over the last year.  And one thing has become crystal clear:  you like macro-friendly recipes!  And that’s awesome.  This is a chance for me to share a bunch of them each and every week.  You’ll have shopping lists, recipes, and some sample combos so you can see some tips on how you might organize your day.  We’re also leaving you more room and freedom to customize it based on your favorites and habits.  (hello, daily protein coffee!  we see you!)


As a member of our challenge, you’ll be added to our private FB accountability group JUST for this challenge.  We’ll be treating it like our master accountability group (but don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to leave your own groups…we know you love them).

We’re going to include GoogleDocs so that you can log you macros weekly and we can check in.  Sharing MFP screenshots daily is great…and I hope you’ll all do that…but Jeremy can advise you better and we can troubleshoot more effectively when we see what’s going on over time.  So this will be an added layer of accountability for you and extra info for us to be able to help you best.  It’ll be especially great when we start looking at those “next steps” when the challenge ends.

It works

We asked challenge participants two questions at the close of our Fall cycle:
Did the challenge help you stay on track and/or hold you accountable?
Would you recommend this challenge/program/MacroEd in general to others?



We had a 100% YES rate on both of those from challenge participants.  I don’t think many programs (including ours) get 100% approval ratings on much of anything.  So we’re going to call it a win and encourage you to listen to your friends on this: Challenges keep you on track.  Period. 

Loving on Your People

Fun fact:  Jeremy, the Accountability Leaders, and I are real people.  We’ve all sacrificed lots of time over the last year to develop this program, test it in a bunch of different configurations with lots of different people, and make it the best that it can be.  We’ve essentially tried to offer you all a product that adds a lot of value to your world (we hope) for free for all of 2016 (shout out to our early adopters!).  Now, we’ve found our stride, we’ve worked out a lot of the kinks, and we have thousands of you to serve.

By making this challenge a paid feature, we can do a lot of things:
a) focus our time and attention on those who have invested in us
b) help you achieve more success because people always do better (in MacroEd and in life) when they have a little skin in the game
c) offer prizes that don’t come out of our pockets, and
d) cover the bills that we’ve incurred over the last year to develop everything we’ve all enjoyed.

From the website to the email system to the insurance to all of Jeremy’s consulting time, everything comes at a price.  Up until now, we’ve covered most of it because we believed so much in what we were building and so much in you.  Jeremy has always said, “If you treat people well, they’ll take care of you when you need it.”

We feel like we took pretty good care of our MacroEd family throughout 2016.  We’re looking forward to offering even MORE as our family grows and develops in 2017, but now we’re asking you all to invest a little in us too.

So, why should you join our New Year Challenge?  Because it’s effective.  Because you’re worth it.  And because you believe in MacroEd and it’s ability to change lives.  We can’t grow without you…and we wouldn’t want to.  We’re hoping that you’ll invest the $75 registration fee in your health in 2017 and in our business as we grow.

Payment Plan

Several of you have asked for a monthly payment play option, so we’re excited to be able to offer that.  If fronting the challenge registration fee is difficult right now with Christmas, we totally understand.  You can opt for three monthly payments of $30.  We don’t want finances to be a reason for anyone to miss out on the challenge.  If you’re interested in the payment plan, register here.

Now, it’s your turn

What are you waiting for?  Registration is live!  We’ve offered the lowest fees we can to  let all of our old faithful friends get in before the New Year Masses arrive next week.  They’re coming.  You know and it and we know it.  Prices will increase on Jan 1.  We want to help those who have supported us for so long by offering you our continued services at the lowest price we’ll run this year.  And if you know you’ll want to hang with us for all of 2017, we’ve added a yearly membership as well.

Thanks to all of you who have been an integral part of making MacroEd the success it has been.  We’re excited about the future and working with you during the New Year Challenge.  If you haven’t signed up yet, get busy!  😉

All the best,


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