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Level Up Challenge Rules and Regs

By now, you’ve probably seen the Level Up Challenge explanation and courses.  If not, start here.  We created several classes to help you as you commit to a solid 8-week cycle of MacroEd, but we want to go over the basics of the competition so you know what to expect.

EVERYONE can play!  Whether you purchase a course or go it alone, everyone who commits to the 8 week macro cycle and completes it is in the game.  We hope you found a course that fits your needs, but if not, as long as you work hard and complete the 8-week cycle, you’re good.  Maybe your Level Up is to hit your own gym 3x/week or to walk with a friend 10 miles each weekend.  We don’t care what you’re doing as long as you have a goal and you’re working towards it.  At the beginning of the challenge, we’ll post a survey for you to take that tells us what your plans and goals are for the challenge so we know who’s with us.  We’ll repeat this process at the end of the 8 weeks to get your impressions and a headcount of those who completed it.  You’ll need to complete BOTH surveys and submit a before/after photo to be eligible.

We’re walking with you.  Jeremy and Ashley, all the accountability coaches, we’re all doubling down our efforts and completing this challenge with you.  Summer craziness affects all of us, so please don’t think this macro thing is any easier on your coaches than it is on you.  I promise, it’s not.  So we’re all buckling down and getting serious right alongside you.

Weekly Challenges.  We’ll be sending out emails each week giving you one, small challenge.  These are baby steps we are hoping you’ll take to start adding good habits to your routine one at a time.  It won’t be anything that requires tons of planning or money to pull off.  We’ll work on things like improving your bedtime routine by getting rid of devices a little earlier or adding some simple at-home stretches to your routine.  Little stuff.  But we know that small changes repeated over time are the real magic to changing your life.  So each week you’ll have a challenge and potentially some resources delivered to you via email.  We’ll also discuss them in the group, but the bigger, more in depth explanation will be in your email.  If you aren’t already receiving emails from us, sign up here:  We’ll also be sending resources and freebies via email, so you don’t want to miss out on that.  Add to your contacts so we don’t end up in your junk folder, pretty please.  So, that’s it.

The rules:
Set a goal.
Complete a survey so we know you’re in.
Get into our email list so we can encourage you and share resources along the way.
Take an exit survey so we know how you did.
Submit a before/after photo.

If you haven’t grabbed your spot in one of the classes yet, get to the shop.  They’re filling up quickly.  Registration ends Friday, Sept 1.  Surveys go out Saturday.  Challenge starts Tuesday morning after Labor Day.

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