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Year in Review

This time of year it’s easy to let healthy habits fall away and let guilt creep in.  We see it in our newfeeds, in our community, and even in our own lives.  It’s a difficult time of year to be #killingit in terms of health and fitness.  We’ve worked with our MacroEd crew to discuss realistic expectations and some healthy hacks to mitigate the damage the holidays can cause to your goals and momentum, but the reality remains that this isn’t necessarily a time for great gains for most of us.

I have something to tell you about that.  Lean in…a little closer…“it’s okay.”
It’s okay that in February you hit the gym every time you promised yourself you would and in December you just didn’t.
It’s okay that refeeds have gone from once a week to more often than you’d like.

I’m not giving you an excuse but I would like to extend you some grace and a little bit of perspective.
We’re looking at the ENTIRE YEAR of 2017 to see what it’s been like for our health, wellness, fitness, self-love, or whatever other improvements you hoped to make.
I want you to think OBJECTIVELY about the ways in which your life, habits, and friend circles have changed since this time last year, NOT how they’ve maybe fallen back a bit from this time last season.  You with me?  We’re looking for an overall yearly assessment for growth…not a current snapshot.

It makes me sad to see absolute FIRE BREATHERS in our community down on themselves b/c the holidays suck for weight loss.
A) It happens to most of us (shout out to my wild cards who kill it in Nov/Dec!).
B) None of this defines you.
C) You most certainly get to count the 10 months you NAILED IT in your self-assessment for the year.

So, pull back a bit a look at the 1,000 ft view.  It’s clearer from up here.
NOW, tell me about your year.  🙂

Step 1:  Year in Review

  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • What did you accomplish this year that surprised you the most? (maybe something you thought you’d NEVER be able to do)
  • What habits did you change that serve you better than the year before?  (Are you planning meals ahead instead of winging it?  Are you making an effort to drink enough water?  Have you seen in the inside of the gym or the outside of a mountain for the first time in a while?  Are you prioritizing being present during family/friend time?)
  • Who have you added to (or removed from) your life that have made you better?
  • What “fed” you this year that you need more of next year?
  • What didn’t serve you well this year that you’d like to let go of?
  • Who inspired you or kept you going this year? (yo, it’s cool if your answer is “myself.”)
  • Who have you helped, encouraged, supported, or had a positive impact on?
  • If we could fast forward to this time next year, what would you hope you accomplished, experienced, or shared in 2018?

Step 2: Snapshot

On a scale from 1-5 with 1 being “not at all” and 5 being “absolutely, all the way,” how would your rate the following statements about yourself?

  • I work hard to take care of those I love.
  • I work hard to take care of myself.
  • I am happy with my life.
  • I feel in control of my choices and habits.
  • I am physically healthy.
  • I am emotionally healthy.
  • I have a positive outlook.
  • I am helpful and supportive of others.

Heads up:  I am not following you around and I do not know what your life is like right now.  If any of the questions above convicted you or made you uncomfortable, you, my love, know what you need to focus on in the coming year.  One of the BEST things about life is that it’s fluid.  We are always growing and changing.  If you do not like what you’re doing, you can choose to do something different.  If you do not like where you are or who is around you, you can change places and company.

Step 3:  Before/After

  • Splice together a photo of as early in 2017 as you can find with a recent photo.
  • Then write a little bio of what life was like in each photo.  Describe yourself, your habits, and your happiness in that early photo and do hte same for the later photo.

It is my hope that you had an AMAZING year and that your snapshot right now is far more favorable than it would have been this time last year.  And my hope for ALL of us is that 2018 is better still and that we’re straight fives across the board on those questions above this time next year.

Jeremy and I are SO excited to learn from you, share with you, and serve you in this coming year.  We’ll be starting our third year of MacroEd and each year has been a bigger blessing (and a bigger surprise) than the year before.  We have high hopes and LOTS of exciting projects coming in 2018 and we couldn’t be happier to be sharing this with you.

Thank you for sharing your time, habits, and journeys with us.  We can’t wait to see all we’ll accomplish together in 2018.

All the best,

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