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Prime Day 2018

Oh, snap!  It’s Prime Day, baby!

“What’s Prime Day?,” you ask.

Only my favorite online shopping day of the whole dang year!  I know everyone is all crazy over Cyber Monday that follows Black Friday in November, but that’s the holiday season.  I’m tired and overextended (so is my debit card around that time year).

No, thank you.  Give me’s made-up internet holiday right here in the middle of July, please!

Affiliate links keep the lights on around here.  By purchasing through some links, you’ll help MacroEd at no additional cost to you.  *High five* and thank you for helping us out!

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of today’s big event:

Prime Day is only available to members Amazon’s Prime subscription service.

The Prime service scores you free 2-day shipping all year long, streaming video with thousands of movies and shows, Prime music, and access to tons of early and exclusive content.  If you aren’t a Prime member yet, don’t fret, my pet!  Amazon is offering a FREE 30-day trial!  If you like it, hang around for $9.99/mo.  My family makes this back QUICKLY with all the free deliveries we use.

That’s it as far as requirements.  Be a Prime member or try out a Prime trial and the Prime Day world is your oyster!

For our purposes, I wanna tell you about my favorite things related to mindset, meals, and movement.  Let’s dive in!


In the last few months I’ve started being really intentional about the kind of media I take in.  I want to make sure that:
a) I’m not wasting time,
b) I’m not filling my world with stuff that makes me sad, envious, or unfulfilled, and
c) I’m getting all the education and encouragement I need.

The two main ways I’ve been tweaking my habits are:
a) listening to more podcasts and audio books, and
b) cutting down on the time I spend “doing the scroll” on social media.
You know the deal:  You sit still for 10 seconds with your phone in your hand and the next thing you know you’ve lost an hour down the internet rabbit hole and you’re reading a post from your high school friend’s brother’s old boss.  For me, I don’t have time for that anymore, so I’m trying to be really intentional and trim the fat, so to speak.

Instead, I’m trying to fit in things that feed my mind and heart by listening to my favorite podcasts and books while I’m doing other things that don’t require all my attention: cooking dinner, folding laundry, or driving.

I’ll tell you all about my favorite podcasts soon (though a lot of them are girly business ones so I can’t swear they’ll be up your alley) but my fave books are coming your way today.  Feel free to get these in physical books or kindle books if you’re a reader.  I only have the luxury of reading real books on vacation because I need my hands and eyes to keep the small humans alive, so audio books are my jam.

Amazon’s audio book subscription is called Audible and they, of course, have an awesome Prime Day special for that too!  The service is usually $14.95/mo and includes one new book of your choice each month but right now you get 3 months for $4.95/mo.  You’re gonna wanna get in on that.

On to my Top 10 picks!  +1 from Jeremy!

The Keto Reset Diet, Mark Sisson
This is Jeremy’s pick!

Everybody on the planet thinks they’re “doing keto” right now but Mark breaks down the science behind why a brief stint with keto is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss.  While we won’t ever preach long term keto as a lifestyle, it is a great tool to have in your arsenal for short bursts.

Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis

If I’ve talked to you in the last 3 months, there’s a 90% chance I’ve mentioned Girl, Wash Your Face.  It’s easily my favorite book of the summer, and in my top 10 of all time.  Rachel, your soon-to-be-bestie breaks down lies we tell ourselves, how they manifested in her life, and some practical tips she used (that you can implement) to speak truth to herself instead.  Some of these lies are things like, “I’m not enough,” “I’m not a good mom,” and “I need a drink.”

She encourages you to live your best, biggest, bravest life and calls you out on your b.s. excuses for why you think you can’t achieve that.  I really think everybody, especially all the high-strung, overachieving women of the world (hey, y’all, welcome to the club…let’s order tshirts!) needs to read this.

And, my favorite part, Rachel narrates her own audio book so you’re basically hanging with her for hours while you unpack your emotional baggage.  If you get one audio book this year, let this be the one.

Grace, Not Perfection, Emily Ley

In a similar vein, Emily Ley, the princess of polished, organized momming writes about all the ways she’s not perfect…and just how okay that has to be during this season of life.  She focuses on grace rather than trying to live up to the crazy, unattainable expectations we often put on ourselves.  If you’ve been around my crew long enough to hear me say, “Just rub some grace on it,” you’ll find truth and freedom in this book.

5-Second Rule, Mel Robbins

If Rachel and Emily are “rah, rah, you can do it,” Mel Robbins is, “cut the crap and go after what you really want.”  She’s the perfect balance to all the feel goods on this list so far.  I love her straight-shooting so much that I used her for our first Mindset Monday post recently.

In the 5-Second Rule she talks about the importance of taking action on our ideas right away before our complacency lets they fly by.  The first five seconds after an idea or inspiration are the most crucial in determining what, if anything, you’ll DO with that impulse.

She goes on to teach you how to hack yourself towards being more ACTIVE than passive so you’re more likely to actually chase the things you say you want.

Kick A$$, Mel Robbins

This is a car ride pep talk with Mel.  She only offers this book on audio and it’s like private coaching to get you up off your tail and actually working towards your goals.  You’re going to love the time you spend with her in this format.

Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want, Rachel Cruze

Dave Ramsey budgets money the way that MacroEd budgets food.  He’s straight-forward, tough love, and full of practical tips to help you get your financial life in order.

Jeremy and I both credit Financial Peace University for giving us the tools to run our money lives instead of our money running our lives.

Dave’s daughter Rachel Cruze tackles the pressure to “keep up with the Joneses” in this book.  It’s equal parts financial advice and contentment practice.  If you’ve ever bought something or felt pressure to buy something because of what someone else might think, say, or do, READ THIS NOW.

Make Your Bed:  Little Things that Can Change Your Life and Maybe the World, William H. McRaven

Admiral McRaven delivered the commencement speech of all commencement speeches at the University of Texas at Austin.  In it, he teaches that how you do the small things is how you do everything and sometimes just the act of doing SOMETHING gives you the momentum to do EVERYTHING.  His speech changed the world and then became a book.

This is a great read for when you feel overwhelmed with all you need to do.  It’s a reminder that starting small and building consistent habits really can (and WILL) change your life.

Genius Foods, Max Lugavere

Wanna geek out on nutrition?  You wanna hang out with Max!

He does a great job of taking food science and making it relatively digestible and easy to understand for the rest of us.  If you really want to dig into the “whys” behind a lot of what we do, this will be a great guide for you.

Food Triggers, Rhona Epstein

Food addiction is real.  For some people, food choices are laced with emotional baggage and brain chemistry that works to preserve the status quo of obesity.

Recognizing your own food triggers and learning why your body, mind, and feelings are fighting you so hard as you’re working to change your life can be very empowering and give you the tools you need to overcome them.

The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen: Clean-Eating Comfort Food, Emily Frisella

Want easy, delicious recipes with (relatively) friendly macro counts?  The Fresh Farmhouse is a great place to start.

If you recognize the Frisella name, yes, this is the wife of 1st Phorm CEO Andy Frisella.  I think you’ll enjoy a peek inside their lives and meals.

Great Food Fast, Bob Warden

If you have an InstantPot (or you’re getting one today), this is a GREAT beginner recipe book.  It’s not macro-hacked but it’ll help you get comfortable with your new IP and wow your family with all the delicious meals you can make.

Pick up my ebook here to help with the macro-friendly side of your new toy:


You know the kitchen is my happy place, but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to linger in there.  Here are the 10 things that help me do my macro-hacking magic in a HURRY so I can get out of the kitchen and on with spending time with my favorite people.

THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! And it’s only $58 today!!! InstantPot 7-in-1 (includes yogurt maker)

Wanna make healthy food faster?  The InstantPot will be your new best friend.  It’s the most used appliance in my kitchen, by far!

Grab this one if you’d like to make yogurt for your family.

Get my “getting started w/ your InstantPot” ebook for free right here:

InstantPot 9-in-1 (no yogurt)

If you’d rather buy your own yogurt, THIS is the IP you need.

Inspiralizer (spelling counts on this…be careful!)

Pasta is an awesome vehicle for meat, sauce, and veggies.  Sub it out for a macro-friendly option like zucchini noodles and you’ll enjoy everything you love about your favorite pasta dishes without all the carbs.  I think I save around 40g of carbs with each serving of zoodles I eat instead of traditional pasta.

Not all spiralizers are created equally.  I’ve bought THREE and this is the one you want.  The noodles hold up to sauce unlike most of the other vegetable noodlers.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

This speeds up my meal prep like crazy.  Anything you need to dice will go from a 10 min job to a 1 min job with this puppy.  It’s super inexpensive and really useful.  I’ve bought one for nearly everyone I know.

Borner Mandoline

This is NOT the most economical mandoline slicer in the world, but I’m convinced it’s the best.  Cuts perfectly.  Stays sharp.  It’s the one you want.

I grabbed the anti-cut gloves (somehow soft and stretchy but also strong like chainmail) to protect my hands so I don’t have to be quite as careful when I’m slicing.

Air Fryer

I’ll be the first to tell you that I haven’t used my air fryer nearly as much or for as many cool things as I’d like, but every time I use it I’m in love with the results.

There’s just no way to get foods crispy without frying them, so this is the PERFECT option for that.

My favorites so far are french fries (of course), brussel sprouts (crazy good), and chicken legs (yummmm).

Ground Meat Chopper Tool

Every kitchen in the whole wide world should have one of these.  Cooking ground beef, chicken, or turkey can be a pain when you’re trying to cut up all the chunks.  This make it the easiest thing ever.

Ninja Blender/Chopper/Bullet

Before the Ninja came out w/ this combo, you had to buy a bullet AND a traditional blender/processor.  Now you can get them all in one.

You’ll use this for smoothies, sauces, protein cookie doughs, and all sorts of things.

Green Mountain Smoker

Wanna be THE house for summer BBQs?  Get a smoker!

Pellet smokers are the gateway drugs to the bigger, more expensive smokers but they still do an amazing job.  We’ve had this one for two years and absolutely love it.  Dry-rubbed pork shoulders are my FAVORITE thing we’ve made so far.

Waffle Iron

You can’t make Pizza Waffles or Protein Waffles without a waffle iron.

This one is reliable and inexpensive.  I’ve had the same style for years.


FitBit Versa

If you’re ready to take your health, and particularly movement goals seriously, you need a fitness tracker.

My favorite option on the market is this FitBit Versa.  It does everything an Apple Watch does PLUS it tracks the quality and duration of your sleep.

Oh, and it’s way less expensive.

Track your movement and exercise (including distance and time so it’ll replace your GPS running watch) AND see how you’re sleeping.

Apple Watch

This is what I use (because the Versa wasn’t out when I bought it).  It’s a great tool to track how much you’re moving (and be reminded when you’re sitting for too long), your exercise (including time and distance so it, too, will replace your GPS running watch), AND compete with friends to “close your rings” by the end of the day.

I’ve definitely forced myself to get up and move because I was wearing it (and didn’t wanna lose activity challenges to my friends).

Foam Roller

If you’re going to move, you need to take care of your muscles.  Every active home should have a foam roller, a lacrosse ball, and a copy of Becoming a Supple Leopard so you can do your own body maintenance.

It’s like being your own massage therapist and chiropractor on days when you can’t get in to see your docs.

Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett

Tape Measure

The scale is dead, babe.  It won’t tell you how your body composition is changing, which is really your ultimate goal whether you realize it or not.

Around here, we measure progress with photos and tape measure.  THIS is that tape measure.

Nike Flyknit Sneakers

I’m a diva about the shoes I wear. (not in the “they have to match my outfit” or the “the heels have to be tall enough” kinda ways)

I need them to be good mom shoes for chasing my littles and also good gym shoes for running and crossfit.  These are the perfect balance for me.

They’re not built for distance running.  I wouldn’t do more than a 5k in them, but for your every day fitness and life adventures, these are my picks.

They fit like a sock and I’m so spoiled that I can’t wear anything else.  I’ve been in flyknits for the last 5 years.  I just wear one pair out and grab another.  I think you’ll love them!


If you’re going to have two pieces of gym equipment at home, a kettlebell and a jump rope would be my picks for you.  You can do SO MUCH conditioning with bodyweight exercises and these two tools.  Shoot me an email if you order either of these and I’ll send you over a set of MacroEd workouts you can do at home with your new toy.  Ashley at getmacroed dot com.

Jump Rope

Running Socks

Some of your are like “whatever socks I put on to go out for a run are my running socks.”

No, babe, come over to the dark side.  Good running socks are a luxury you can and should afford for yourself.

They’re the difference between babying bloody blisters and getting out for your next run tomorrow.  You need some and these are my favorites.

Running Belt

If you’re going to do any kind of distance running (hello, Marshall Half friends!), you need a belt for your keys, chews, etc.  The SPIs are my favorite because they sit flat and aren’t fussy during long runs.

There you have it, friend.

If I could take you Prime Day shopping, this is what I’d pick out for you.

And thanks to the joys of online shopping, we can do it all without hateful shoppers throwing elbows.  😉

Happy Prime Day!

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