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How to Enjoy a Cookout WITHOUT Wrecking Your Goals

As it just so happens, our crew is a bunch of lovable, social people.  This is AWESOME for our lives, but it means we’re often put into tricky eating situations.  Why?  The cool people of MacroEd are cool people EVERYWHERE…which means social event invitations…which means dietary minefields!  But, never fear.  We’re here to help you enjoy your cookout, pot luck, party-ish event WITHOUT wrecking your nutrition goals.  It CAN be done.  It just requires some planning and careful navigating.  Don’t sweat it.  We’ll show you how.

We revisit and revise this advice for ALL sorts of events:
Holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc)
Pool Parties
Tailgates (#GoHerd!)
Birthday Parties

The strategies are the same regardless of what fun event you find yourself in.  We love that people love you.  We’re trying hard to keep you from being that weirdo in the corner eating chicken breasts out of a Tupperware you brought from home.  That guy doesn’t get invited back.  But with these little tricks, you can.  😉

Here’s how to #nailit:

  • Use it as your Refeed:  If possible, save your refeed for your social events then you can get as weird as you want.  Remember, we ask you to hit 100-300 EXTRA carbs in one meal for our refeeds around here.  We also follow them up with a 16-hour-ish fast.  If that’s not an option, use the rest of the tips here.
  • Pre-game your party: Eat good, macro-friendly food before you go so you aren’t starving and primed to give into temptation.  This might mean a meal before you go or a shake on your way over.  Whatever it takes so that you walk into the party with a full-ish belly and not dying to hit the dessert table.
  • Bring macro-friendly foods: If you take food you can eat, then at least you’ll have one option available.  Here are a few of our favorite tailgate/cookout/potluck offerings:
    Buffalo Chicken Dip
    Crack Chicken
    Deviled Eggs
    PB Fudge Fat Bombs
    Chocolate Fudge
    Jalapeño Pimento Cheese
    Pepperoni Chips
    Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
  • Navigate: Stick to veggies, meats (burgers/hot dogs/brats, no bun), a few fruits, some dips, and things you can identify. 🙂
  • Estimate: You can’t carry around a food scale so you know how much of everything you’re eating.  By sticking to veggies, meats, a few fruits, and some dips, you’ll be able to get the right TYPE of foods, but it’s hard to know if you’re getting the right AMOUNTS.  Use this handy-dandy guide from Gold’s Gym to help you estimate.  (and, of course, skip their palm-sized recommendation for rice…mercy).

  • Enjoy yourself: Don’t go wild, but don’t feel like a food prisoner either. Eat mega-well the rest of the day so you have some wiggle room in your macros for your big event.

Have a wonderful holiday, cookout, social event!  We love seeing you all LIVE your lives and enjoy yourselves because you know the confidence in how to do that without guilt, shame, or wrecking your progress.  What other tips do you have for staying on track while still having fun?  Leave them in comments and we’ll keep building our list.

All the best,


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