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September Activity Challenge

Our main man Jeremy Mullins is ALL about getting people moving.  He’s most especially all about getting people moving for the first time or who haven’t moved in a while.  He wants to help all of us build healthy habits and movement is a cornerstone of this.  We’re already giving you all the help you need for nutrition.  J wants you to take one step forward in terms of physical fitness, so he’s extended a September Activity Challenge.  

Here are the details, from Jeremy himself:

If you have been around the blog for any length of time you know I‘m a big believer in walking and hiking as exercise tools.

Today I tossed on my baby girl 😍 (25 lbs plus 10lb pack) and a 25lb weighted vest. With my lovely wife working this weekend it’s been daddy daycare for three days. With it being a holiday weekend all of our babysitters happen to be out of town. So, this was my chance to get a longer training session in.

As we walked up and down the trail I keep thinking to myself how hard it was with the extra 50lbs on my back.

You see I understand what it feels like to be overweight and out of shape.

It frustrates me when I see this marketing on the next best fitness routine when most of use would just benefit from walking on a consistent basis.

So… is my challenge to you.

At a minimum 30 mins of movement each day for the remainder of September.

Prize: Minimum $ 250.00 1st Phorm gift card.

If we have over 250 people take on the challenge I will increase the prize $ 5 for each person up to $ 500.

If we have over 500 people take on the challenge. I will message Sal FrisellaVP at 1st Phorm to see if he will match it.


1. Post on social media that you are going to pledge to do a minimum 30 min of exercise per day for the remaining of September. Tagging me in said post.

2. Use the following hashtags

3. If you do other forms of activity that is totally fine! You just need to post daily on social media or in this blog.

To summarize:

Take on the challenge. Make it known on social media. Do it everyday for the remaining of September.

Who’s in?

Listen in as he discusses it more in a video for challenge participants:

We are so excited to get moving with you!

All the best,

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