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Mindset Monday: The 5 Second Rule

I must be the internet’s least favorite motivator.  Seriously.

I will share transformation stories that will make you want to change the world.

I will hack recipes that make eating well fun, easy, and delicious.

I will spend hours putting together posts about shortcuts to make your life easier.

I will build courses around finding your why and coaching you through your first steps towards building healthy habits.

But I will not give you a rah rah speech to motivate you.

I just can’t.  I literally just can’t even with motivation.

After several years in this healthy lifestyle game, I’ve learned at least one thing:  I cannot motivate you.  I cannot motivate anyone…at least not for a long enough period for you to really benefit from it.

Hearing this Tedx Talk by Mel Robbins, I felt like I’d met my non-pooh-poohing soulmate.  This girl isn’t going to motivate you either, but she is going to help you understand why you aren’t motivated and give you a really helpful tool to overcome it.

Invest 20 minutes in learning “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over” and I PROMISE you will never look at motivation the same.

A few of my favorite lines:

“You will NEVER feel like it!”

“Nobody tells you that when you turn 18, it becomes YOUR job to parent YOURSELF.  You’re now the one who has to make you do all the things you don’t want to do to become everything you are supposed to be.”

In her tips about the secrets to getting going, she says,

“Force yourself out of your head, past your feelings, and out of your comfort zone.”


“When you’re in your head, you are behind enemy lines.  That is NOT God speaking.”

It was all I could do to keep from throwing up praise hands over that. 🙌

LISTEN to her words.  Play her in the car on your way to work if you have to.  The video isn’t important but the message is everything.  LISTEN to the message, friend.

At the end, she explains what happens to brilliant ideas when they aren’t acted upon within 5 seconds.
Spoiler Alert: they die!

If you finish this video as excited and motivated as I was, check out her book, The 5 Second Rule here to learn more about how to marry your ideas into action before you lose them:

More than anything, I want you to walk away from this experience empowered to change your life without waiting to FEEL like it, without waiting for the ever-elusive motivation you think you need to get going.  You don’t need to be motivated, homie, you just need to act.

Big thanks to my girl Abagail for sharing this video and firing me up on a dreary Monday.

All the best,

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