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Welcome, Herald-Dispatch Readers!

Hi, friends joining us from the Herald-Dispatch!

We’re so glad you’re here.  Thanks for your interest in electric pressure cookers.  Here are some of our favorite resources that we’re excited to share with you:

Online Resources and eBooks:

Our Electric Pressure Cooker 101 eBook that we use in classes at Huntington’s Kitchen and Wholi Moli.  It’ll cover beginner tips as well as a few beginner recipes to help you start easy and gain confidence.

Our best practices: Becoming a Pressure Cooker Pro

Our own recipes that have been modified for the electric pressure cooker:

The best resource for cook times:

A wildly popular online community for all things InstantPot: Instant Pot Community on Facebook

Catch our classes:

at Huntington’s Kitchen:
at Wholi Moli: next class is March 7, from 6-8p.  Call Jamie at 304.733.5056 to register.  Cost: $15
at Your House, Online Webinar:  Join me online from the comfort of your house on Monday, Feb 20 from 6-8p EST and I’ll give you a front row seat to the same class I teach in person.  Recordings will be sent out afterwards so you can rewatch, pause, and replay at your convenience.  Register here.

Which to Buy:

There are many different brands and styles, but we adore the InstantPots.  The 6-in-1 serves as a pressure cooker, sauté pan, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and a warmer.  The 7-in-1 has all the features of the 6-in-1 plus the ability to make yogurt.  We use both in our homes and classes and have been very pleased with the quality, durability, and safety of them.


Sealing Ring:  If you intend to make both savory AND sweet dishes in your electric pressure cooker, it’s worth investing in a separate sealing ring because they can retain the smell and faint flavor of what they cook.  We have one for savory and a separate, differently-colored one for sweet items like cheesecakes.  You can find extra rings here.
Glass lid:  You may have a lid already in your cupboard that fits your InstantPot, but if not, it’s worth purchasing one so that you can cover your food if you store it in the refrigerator.  This is the one we’d recommend.
Silicone Colander: These are great for cradling eggs or steaming veggies.  We’re in love with this one.
Cheesecake Pan:  After the first 5 minutes of hanging out in the Facebook Instant Pot Community, you’re going to be drooling over IP cheesecakes.  Only certain pans will fit into the pressure cooker.  Here’s our suggestion for one that will work.
Extra Liner:  You may find yourself wanting to use the liner you cooked in as a storage container when you make something like a pot of soup.  If you’ll need more than one liner, stick with ones from InstantPot designed for this purpose like this one.

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