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Help! I need…

We’ve all been there.  You need a little more of this, but you don’t have any macros left of that.  I get it.
My advice: a) plan your days ahead of time so you don’t end up drinking butter or choking down 300g of chicken breasts at 9pm (not that either of those have ever happened to me…side note: they both have) and b) use this chart to help you fill in the gaps.

 Protein (limited fats) Protein AND Fats  Fats  Fats AND Carbs Carbs Only Carbs AND Protein
(breasts have least fat)
steak butter avocados sweet potatoes leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc)
egg whites sausages MCT oil guacamole fruit beans
(if they agree with you)
protein shakes bacon ghee cookies and ice cream (don’t tell
anyone I told you this!)
vegetables quinoa
cottage cheese eggs olives oats (steel cut, if you can)
greek yogurt fish oils (avocado, olive, coconut, etc)
nuts, seeds, nut butters

Big thanks to for this chart. macrochart

And check out this chart for nutritional information of different vegetables:

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