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Ultimate InstantPot Shopping Guide

So, you’re interested in an InstantPot?
Well, homie, you’ve come to the right place.
In this Ultimate InstantPot Shopping Guide, we’ll cover all the info you need to make a confident purchase and get started with your new InstantPot.
And if you’re an IP veteran, you may find some accessories you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.
Oh, and, most importantly, we’ll be giving away a FREE InstantPot…or 10!

What’s an InstantPot?

An InstantPot is a brand name of electric pressure cooker.  You’re likely most familiar with traditional, stove top pressure cookers like your grandmother had…and you’re also likely afraid of them.

Our grandmothers LOVED pressure cookers because they cooked things quickly, created great tasting meals, and were used for canning.  We’re all afraid of them because we know they can literally explode.  I’m talking holes in the ceiling, trips to the ER for burns, and cleaning projectile green beans off of every surface within a 3 mile radius.

Thankfully, technology has delivered all the GREAT things about a pressure cooker WITHOUT the risk of bodily harm in the form of an electric pressure cooker like the InstantPot.  These plug into the wall (no stove tops to babysit) AND have a bajillion safety features that don’t allow them to come open while under pressure, saving us from the risk of burns and disaster.

Why choose the InstantPot brand?

So, other than convenience, the BEST things about the new electric pressure cookers are the safety features.  From my research (stalking and using IPs for the last 3 years), the InstantPot has the best, most consistent safety records.  IPs have extra features that make it virtually impossible to get hurt when using them as intended.

In addition to great safety features and records, the InstantPot brand’s customer service is second to none.  Any issues are resolved quickly and completely.

And finally, they have the COOLEST online community of brand employees, food bloggers, and home cooks to support you as you learn to use your IP to its fullest potential.  There are almost 800K people there, y’all.  You need to be a part of it.  Join here.

I’m a total fan girl for the IP and everyone I know who has used it feels the same way.  They’re kind people with a great product and stellar customer service.  Checks all the boxes for me.  Oh, and they have a cult following (hello!) without ever spending money on marketing.  I think that’s all kinds of cool and speaks to how well their product is designed and how much they cater to their customers, but that’s a story for another day.

Which InstantPot is right for you?

Choose your SIZE:
How many do you usually cook for?
1-2?  3 quart
3-5? 6 quart
6+? 8 quart

Choose your STYLE:
Do you ever want to make yogurt in your InstantPot?
Yes? 7-in-1
No? 6-in-1

6-in-1  7-in-1 
 3 quart  
 6 quart    
 8 quart     

**A note about the Bluetooth model:**
You will notice that there’s one I haven’t suggested: the Bluetooth model.
Here’s why:  You’re probably thinking, “I love my crockpot b/c I can throw food in before work and it’s ready when I get home.  I’ll get the Bluetooth model and start the cooking cycle before I leave work so I can come home to piping hot food.”
It’s a valid thought, but there’s one very important flaw in that reasoning:  When you put food in a crockpot, it is WARM and COOKING during the entire day.  That means that your food is kept at a safe temperature.
If you put food in an IP and leave it for 8 hours before turning it on, you’ve essentially left uncooked meat and/or veggies on your countertop all day at room temperature and invited a host of food-borne illnesses into your home.  I know you’d never leave your groceries on the counter all day, so you don’t want to do the same in your IP.
I suggest you buy a traditional model and save yourself some money and potential stomach troubles.  You can either start your IP when you leave in the morning and let it stay on the “keep warm” function until you get home (it’ll be perfectly cooked, warm, and delicious when you’re ready), OR put your ingredients in your pot and leave them in the refrigerator until you get home.  Throw them in the IP then eat when it’s ready.  Food cooks quickly so it won’t be like waiting 3 hours on a crockpot meal.

What accessories are must-haves?

Steamer basket for fresh veggies and hardboiled eggs.

Cheesecake pan b/c cheesecake is life.

Extra sealing rings b/c they retain flavors.  You need a savory and a sweet one.  No one likes garlic or curry flavored yogurt.

Yogurt strainer/ground meat strainer:
Will make your yogurt thicker or allow you to strain your meat to make it leaner.  Win-win.

Ground beef tool:

Molds for Egg Cups and other Sous Vide cooking (truth in advertising: I have no idea what sous vide is…but I know that when I put eggs, meat, and veggies in these cups in the InstantPot, they come out great…I’m sure you’ll learn other cool uses for them from the IP community):

Obnoxious stickers:  Red Bubble
(After my husband remarked that the IP was my “kitchen boyfriend,” I proceeded to decorate each IP in my squad like one of my real life boyfriends.  When you attend my classes, you can find Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney.)

Cute cover:  Zima Creations on Etsy

When is the best time to buy?

Over the last three years, the cheapest prices on the InstantPot have been on on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day.

Walmart now carries the IP and has reasonable prices most of the time.  It still hasn’t beaten the specials on Amazon on the three holidays above, but it’s a good deal most days.

I’ve also had friends get great deals at Kohl’s when combining coupons and Kohl’s Cash rebates.

What to make first in your InstantPot?

I suggest you start easy and get a few quick wins to build your confidence.
First, do the water test: 1 C water, close side, set to “seal,” program Manual High for 5 mins.  This will make sure your pot can reach pressure correctly and sterilize it.

Then try the recipes from our FREE InstantPot for Beginners eBook.  This is what I use when I teach my live classes.  It includes some other helpful beginner info as well.

Get yours here:

How to score your InstantPot for FREE?

Enter our giveaway here.  You can score additional entries by checking in daily and sharing w/ your friends.  For every 1,000 entries, we’ll be giving away an additional InstantPot, so share away!  We’d love to buy a DOZEN of these to giveaway!

InstantPot Giveaway!

All the best,


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