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Walmart Grocery Pickup

If I could gift you an extra hour and a half each week, what would you do with it?  Would you meal prep like a boss?  Finally have time for a bubble bath?  Get extra snuggles from your littles?  Take a walk with a friend?  Walmart Grocery Pickup lets you take back that time to spend it on WHATEVER you want…and someone else does your grocery shopping for you for FREE!  Y’all, that’s 4,680 minutes to do whatever you want every single year!  I don’t know about you, but I’m never going grocery shopping again!

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

Placing Your Order

To save $10 on your first order of $50 or more, sign up with this link:  (it’ll also pass $10 back here to feed my Godiva coffee habit, so thank you!)  You can order your items through the website or the Walmart Grocery app (not to be confused with the Walmart app, but you do use the same login for each).

Create a account or sign in with the one you have.

Choose your local store.  For friends in the Huntington area, right now the Walmart by the mall has grocery pick up.  Rt 60 location will be offering it beginning on 5/28.

Load up your online cart with everything you want.  Because it’s called “grocery pickup,” I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to add non-grocery items to my order, but that wasn’t the case.  If you can find it on the website or app, it’s fair game.  For me, that’s included hair ties, shampoo, and a couple of board games so far.  😉  So don’t feel restricted to the grocery aisles.

When you’ve added everything you need, check out and schedule your pick up.  Orders need to be $30 or more to use this service.  You’ll need to add a payment method to your account, which makes pickup a breeze.  Be sure you got $10 off from using the referral link above.  The only thing better than someone else grocery shopping for you is getting FREE groceries for trying it.

You’ll confirm your local store and choose your pickup time.  You can’t do same day orders (that I’ve seen anyways), but you can order one evening and pick everything up the next morning, so turn around is pretty quick.

You have until the middle of the night the night before pick up to alter your order.  Every time I’ve used this, I’ve remembered something I needed AFTER hitting “check out.”  It’s no big deal to add to your order.  Just add things to your cart like you’re creating a new order then you’ll be asked if you’d like to add it to your existing order.  Confirm that you do and it’ll be added in there for you.

You can elect to receive texts about your pickup if you’d like.


Before you head out to your assigned pick up you can log into the Walmart Grocery app and “check in.”  This shares your location so they can be ready for you when you arrive.  I always start this feature after I’ve done any errands I’m running during the same trip.  Once I’m heading to Walmart, I check in and someone is always heading out the door when I arrive.  You can also include the color of your car so they have an easier time finding you, but I’ve always been the only one when I’ve been there.

When you arrive, park in the clearly marked “Pick Up” area.  There’s a phone number on the wall in front of your parking space for you to call to let them know you’re there.  (I’ve always used the check in feature on the app so they’ve been ready without calling.)

A sales associate will come out to your car with all your goodies bagged up and ready to go.  They’ll review your order and any substitutions with you.  If Walmart doesn’t have what you ordered, they replace it with something of equal or GREATER value for free.  So far, they subbed out my Powerade Zero for Gatorade G2 in the same flavor.  They don’t charge you extra if the substitution is more, so you’ll come out ahead in the event that subs are made.

The associate will ask where you want your items to be loaded and they take it from there.  You just hang out and wait til things are loaded.  If you’d like to see your produce or eggs or anything specific, they can show you those too.  One of my associates showed me all produce, meat, eggs, and said he’d show me bread if I’d had any, to make sure I was happy w/ the selection and that nothing was broken, smashed, or bruised.

Once everything is loaded, you’ll review your order, sign for payment, and you’re on your way.  Depending on the size of your order, this should whole process should only take a few MINUTES.
No getting out of your car.
No waiting in line at the deli.
No wandering the aisles looking for what you want.
No ping ponging around the store because you remembered something last minute.
Drive up.  Say hello.  Pop the trunk.  Sign your name.  Say thank you.  Peace out.

It is a thing of beauty, I tell ya.

Wanna Ride Shotgun?

Join me on my first Walmart Grocery Pickup visit and see firsthand how it all goes down! (spoiler alert: reeeeally smoothly and with the dorkiest commentary in history)

After the Fact

Once you get home and unload your groceries, you can do WHATEVER you want with all the time you saved.  For research purposes, the first time I used Walmart Grocery Pickup, I meal prepped to see how much I could get finished in the time I WOULD have spent grocery shopping.

In the 90 minutes I WASN’T wandering around the store, I prepped Fajitas, Breakfast Casserole, Crazy Dip, and browned an extra 2.5 lbs of ground beef to throw in the freezer for later.  (The Fajitas had ground beef so I just browned 5 lbs at once and separated it before doing the fajita stuff to the rest of the beef).  That’s breakfast for a week, two dinners, and what will quickly become a 20 min dinner later on in the time I DIDN’T spend shopping!  That’s bananas!

You’ll get a confirmation email that includes a short survey.  Take that puppy and include the name of the sales associate that helped you out.  It’ll bless them.

Your Next Order

THIS is where things get REALLY fun.  The app (and website) now has your favorites at quick reference so you can add things you buy each week without searching for them all over again.  AND you can go ahead and start shopping as soon as you put the first item on your grocery list.  This allows you to totally skip the step of making a list and then adding it to your order.  Just do it all at once.

Over the next week, as I realized we needed things or ran out of something, I added it to my new order in the app.  It kept a running tally and when I was ready to finish my order, I just clicked “checkout.”  I never added things to a paper/pencil list or even my GroceryIQ app.  Just straight into the cart once I realized we needed it.

Why You’re Going to LOVE This

You save time.
I don’t know of many people who are fueled or fed by the time they spend putting groceries into their carts (but if this is your “me time” or happy place, don’t let me get in the way of it).

You save money.
Your initial order is $10 cheaper by using the referral code but that’s not the end of your savings.  How many things will you AVOID buying because you weren’t wandering around the store and fell into a marketing trap or something cute on an endcap that you didn’t really need?  My orders have been consistently less expensive because I’m not picking up things that weren’t on my list.

You avoid temptation.
If you make your list based upon your meal plans and your intentions for the week, you won’t end up with foods in your house that don’t help you meet your goals.  This is one exercise in self-discipline that you DON’T have to do each week.  There  is no cookie aisle when you shop from an app.  😉

Alright, that’s enough fangirling for today.  Long and the short of it, if you do not get your jollies from grocery shopping, let someone else do it for you…fo free…with Walmart Grocery Pickup.  If you go, share a selfie of you NOT shopping and share it using the hashtag #getmacroed so we can celebrate with you!

All the best,

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