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Don’t Tell Reese’s Shake

If there’s a celebrity couple more powerful than peanut butter and chocolate, I wouldn’t know who it would be.  (No, really, I wouldn’t.  We only watch My Little Pony here.)  All I know is Reese’s nailed it and we hacked it.  Check out this cool, creamy shake and tell me it doesn’t taste like a million calories!

We hear, “I’d love to lose weight but I just LOOOOOVE chocolate too much.”
Girl, please!  You think WE don’t LOOOOOOOVE chocolate?!  You think chocolate only tastes freaking amazing to you and all the skinny, fit people of the world have a genetic mutation that makes chocolate taste like dish soap?  NO!

I LOOOOOOOVE chocolate too!  And I love peanut butter.  And I love milkshakes.

But you know what else I love?  Sitting down without my pants trying to bite me in half.

So, I make some concessions by giving up the real stuff and instead try to replicate my favorite things in healthier ways so I can have chocolate, and peanut butter, and pants that don’t assault me.

This is one recipe that totally #nailedit in terms of flavor, consistency, AND macros.


Don’t Tell Reese’s Shake
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Prep Time: 1 minute

1 minute

breakfast, snacks

Yield: 1

Serving Size: 1

Fat per serving: 9

Carbs per serving: 23

Protein per serving: 35

Don’t Tell Reese’s Shake


  • 1/2 scoop 1st phorm ice cream sandwich protein powder
  • 1/2 scoop 1st phorm chocolate protein powder
  • 8 oz 2% milk
  • 2 Tbs chocolate PB2 powder


  1. Blend until smooth.



Gluten Free:  Yep!

Dairy Free:  You could sub out milk for nut milk and the protein for a non-dairy option.

Vegetarian:  Absolutely!


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All the best,

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