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The Quest to Love Cottage Cheese

True Confession:  I like the macros of cottage cheese a lot more than I like the taste of it.  Over the last six months or so, I’ve been on a quest to learn to love cottage cheese.  I feel like a jerk just forcing it down because the macros are so good.  Like I’m hanging out with a rich friend whose company I don’t really like.  It’s uncool.  And I’ve been trying hard to change it.

Like with nearly everything else in my life, the best answers came when I asked the MacroEd family what the heck they do to get down cottage cheese.  You all have SO MANY great ideas.  And I can proudly say that after much practice and trying several of your suggestions, I’m at least in a very serious “like” stage of cottage cheese.  I can’t swear that we’re ready to go steady yet, but I’m a lot closer than I used to be.


So, this isn’t so much a recipe post as it is a repository of great ways to enjoy cottage cheese.  First, and foremost, the macros:

 F C P
 Regular (Aldi)  3 4 13
 Low Fat (Aldi)  1.5 4 12
 Non Fat (Breakstone) 0 8 11

Personally, I’m happiest with the regular Happy Farms cottage cheese from Aldi.  I’m told, however, that Breakstone is a great option too.  I’d probably advise you to skip the non-fat version because the macros aren’t nearly as friendly as the regular and low fat, but that’s your call.

And here are the suggestions:
sprinkle with sugar
sprinkle with salt & pepper
serve with pineapple
serve with fruit cocktail (this is my fave so far)
add some sweetener, strawberry jam, and peanuts (y’all, pb&j cottage cheese!)
crunch up potato chips on top
sprinkle with seasoned salt
cinnamon, sweetener, and almond slivers (sounds fancy)
with fresh tomatoes, salt & pepper
with peaches
stir in grape jelly
scoop with pork rinds (total MacroEd move)
served beside scrambled eggs

So, if you have more of a crush on the macros of cottage cheese than the taste of it, try some of the suggestions above.  I can definitely testify that it’s an acquired taste, but I’m starting to come around.  Hope some of these will be helpful to you too.

All the best,


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