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Don’t Blow Your Budget

Diet and budget have one thing in common: people DREAD having to do both. Let’s be honest, most people are so scared to do either that they just give up before even trying.

My home-away-from-home… on Monday evenings after the gym.

I’m living proof that you can eat right with MacroEd. I’m also living proof that budget isn’t a bad word (hello Dave Ramsey)! We budget our macros and our money, and then we get to live within those guidelines. To be honest with you, I thrive within those guidelines.

So I’m here to guide you through my journey with money and macros. I will be outlining the meals I choose each week, the receipts from each store, and my cost per serving. Last cycle I was regularly spending only $30-$40 on my meals for the week. I know I’m just one person, but my freezer needs restocking, so you will get a few weeks of me making a lot of the meal plan choices and a few weeks of just my single person meal prep. Nonetheless, you will always get the price per serving breakdown.

My hope is that I inspire you all to be flexible with the meal plans and make the most of affordable options like Aldi, Trader Joe’s (if you are so lucky), or farmers markets! Later in the cycle, you will get to see how I refuse to go to Kroger or Walmart. It’s going to be fun! Steal all of my ideas, but, fair warning, I only have a few good ones.

Week 1 Meal Prep

As soon as I got the list, I immediately axed chicken piccata and strawberry chicken salad. Yuck. I then decided to double the World’s Best Chicken recipe for the freezer. My meal plan sheets were a mess after I was done with shopping and prep time!

Prep was split between Sunday and Monday nights. The dog loved the bacon smell… And I loved the Panera Soup! Silly dog ate 2 pieces of my bacon, too. I needed those for my macros!

Freezer Items: WB Chicken, 4.5 servings Panera Soup. Everything else went into the fridge. I will likely make a second batch of the soup recycle an old recipe since I accidentally bought too much chicken.

So much food!!

Notice the big Xs next to the things I didn’t care for this week.

Cost Breakdown

I spent $116.41 at Aldi + Kroger. Shrimp is expensive! My SO really enjoyed the shrimp fajitas on Sunday night, so I won’t complain too much. We got 7 servings out of it because I used some leftover flank steak to add to the pan.

  • 49.5 servings…
  • $116.41
  • That’s $2.35 a serving, y’all.

I don’t know how you can beat that!


Receipts… I cheated with cost and it includes my Eco-friendly bags I desperately needed. 😉

So join me next week when I get to talk about hacking the MacroEd meal plan to suit your needs! I look forward to this cycle with you all. Please leave me some love at the bottom of this post (or leave feedback for things you want me to cover!)

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