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Folios are an easy alternative to carby buns and wraps.  Consider them to be the vehicle that will deliver all your favorite cold sandwich fixings without the bread.  This one-ingredient recipe is a home run for busy folks looking for…

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Knife-Free Spaghetti Squash

Things I love: eating spaghetti squash Things I hate: fearing for my life and limbs when I have to prep a spaghetti squash to cook If you bake a squash, you have to cut it in half. If you microwave…

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Roasted (or Grilled) Cabbage Steaks

So, Roasted Cabbage.  Meh, right?  Seriously, whatever “Man, why is she hitting me with such a lame recipe. Everyone hates cabbage.” thoughts are going through your head, stop em until you try this.  I’ve had a hard time describing this recipe to people because it does seem so plain.  The contents of the marinade are very run-of-the-mill.  Nobody really gets excited about cabbage either.  But it is sincerely so, so good!  Legitimately if cabbage were a steak.  Scouts honor.

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Southern Squash Casserole

Where I come from, holidays often involve squash casserole. (and we’re kinda southern so every recipe is “Southern WhateverItIs” because things just taste better in the South) It’s one of my favorite dishes. 

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Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts

The combination of maple + bacon make EVERYTHING better.  Even brussels sprouts!  This quick, easy recipe is a healthy way to actually ENJOY sprouts.  Just try it!  You'll see. If you want my attention, start a recipe with "maple bacon." …

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Welcome to MacroEd's SECOND most popular recipe in the history of ever (running right behind our Pizza Chicken, both with tens of thousands of Pinterest re-pins).  This healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup tastes amazing, has great macros, freezes well, feeds a…

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