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Member Spotlight: Dennis McLaughlin

Learn about how this father of four managed to lose 85 lbs, win $20k, and build a whole new life for himself in a year. I love how "remarkably unremarkable" Dennis is.  He's a regular guy, just like all of…

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Member Spotlight: Matt Poff

Matt Poff shares the story of how he transformed his life from out-of-shape fire fighter to confident, mountain biking, fit leader of his team. Matt's story is amazing because he's a new guy with an entirely new outlook on life…

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Member Spotlight: Miranda

The MacroEd Tribe is 6 weeks into the 2017 New Year Challenge and the energy is incredible! Occasionally, we like to spotlight members who have committed to changing the lives and bodies for the better. These members truly believe in our…

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Member Spotlight: Amber

Amber Pauley has had one heck of a year!  I'm excited to bring her story to you today in our Member Spotlight.  She's been my right-hand woman all year with recipe development and meal plans, she runs our super-active and…

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Member Spotlight: Kim

You guys, every success story that comes across our desks makes us happy, proud, and humble to be a part of your journeys.  I know we say it all the time, but Jeremy and I sincerely have the best jobs…

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