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Top Meal Prep Tips

1. Have a Plan.

Preparing to Meal Prep is the most important step. You have to know what you’re making so you can be sure to have everything on hand when you’re ready to cook. The saying, “Fail to plan. Plan to fail.” really applies here.

HOW you prepare to Meal Prep is up to you. Options range from DIY by searching Pinterest to having meals cooked for you. Choose the option that’s right for you each week. Your needs may vary from week to week.

Pinterest: This option is FREE. It will cost you some time and perhaps a few failed recipes, but you can do it entirely on your own.
Want some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page.

Meal Prep Plans: This option varies in price but is generally only a few dollars a week.
It includes:

  • healthy recipes planned for you
  • shopping lists
  • nutritional information to help you meet your goals

All you have to do is shop and cook. The planning has been done for you.
Want to try a week of our Meal Plan Membership for FREE? Grab yours here.

Mail Order Meal Prep: This option is usually between $7-10/meal. You choose your meals online and the premeasured ingredients and recipes are delivered to your door. Just cook and enjoy.

There are a TON of companies offering this service. I’ve tried most of them and my favorite by FAR is Home Chef. It has amazing variety, detailed nutritional information, and carb conscious options. Save $30 on your first order.

Premade Meals: The easiest, most efficient option is to let someone else do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up for you. That’s JUST what you get when you order premade meals from restaurant like Butter It Up. You choose the meals and they do the rest. It’s my go-to on busy weeks when I know I won’t have time to cook myself. You can see their weekly menu and order yours here.

2. Prep Your Backup Plan on the Weekend.

You never know where the week may take you.  Be sure you have a failsafe meal ready in case your dinner plans go sideways.

In my house, that’s nearly always some sort of soup and breakfast casserole.  With those two ready, we can fake it until we make it.

It also helps to know what healthy options are available should you need to eat out or order in.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand and within Reach.

Buying fruits, veggies, and whole foods is great, but only if they’re ready to consume.  Take the few extra minutes when you get home from grocery shopping to wash and chop your fresh snacks so they’re easy to grab and go.  

We also keep shelf stable snacks at arm’s length for our kids.  Fruit cups, fruit/veggie squeezies, yogurt squeezies, and protein bars are always in a lower cabinet ready for them.

4. Use Shortcuts Whenever Possible.

The fastest, easiest meal preps at my house usually involve either:

  • sheet pans
  • the InstantPot
  • a crockpot
  • a freezer meal I prepped earlier

TAKE SHORTCUTS and don’t feel a bit badly about it.  Work harder, not smarter.

Also, consider doubling up recipes or proteins so you can cook in batches to save time, money, and clean up.

Learn more about InstantPot cooking and freezer meal prep at one of our classes at Huntington’s Kitchen.

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