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When The Wheels Fall Off: Budget and Macro Fails

What happens when you don’t plan your macros or your budget? Failure. This week’s #frugalfriday is about my budget and macros epic failures. Enjoy because I sure didn’t. When the wheels fall off…

…life gets kind of bumpy. I leave for Mexico on Saturday, so last weekend I knew I needed to plan right in order to rid my refrigerator of all the things. I started off with good intentions, I swear. 

Monday rolls around and I head to Aldi as per my usual routine. Pork chops: $4.05 for 4. Broccoli and 3-pack multicolored colored peppers. Coffee. Yum! Then I headed to Food Fair to snag two steaks for the boyfriend and me that night. I was going to eat some chicken sausage and frozen taco soup, too. It was a good plan. 

And then the wheels came off in the form of being too tired to make coffee, too much Starbucks, and forgotten lunches at home. Did I bounce back? Nope. I ate all the Oreos. I had an unwich from Jimmy John’s with a whole bag of jalapeño chips and a beer. I drank beer at Rooster’s during trivia (and Penguins hockey!). I also had the cinnamon bites at Rooster’s! Cream cheese icing! I bought a cheeseburger and fries at the VA hospital canteen. The next day I at least got a more macro-friendly pork roast, green beans, and mashed potatoes… with a coke. 

Who am I? What have I become? Where can I find a few spare tires to get back on track (please don’t say my belly)?

My well-laid plan started awesome with $26 dollar grocery shopping Monday night. Then Tuesday was $1 customer appreciation at Jimmy Johns. But then Wednesday I spent $6 on the burger lunch and Thursday I spent another $6 on the pork. I have freezer meals for a reason; eat the freezer meals!! But I didn’t eat the freezer meals!

Oh sweet black nectar of life!

And then there is the coffee. How hard is it to make coffee at home? Evidently it is near impossible because it only happened once this week. I got Starbucks. Yep… the overpriced cups of yummy. My standard order: grande blonde, add a shot, extra heavy cream, dash of cinnamon, venti cup. $3.10 each time. Shameful. 

I’m ashamed I let my week get so bad. I’ve been so pumped that my budget has been rocking and my macros have been spot on for maintenance. The wheels came off and I can’t wait to get back on track. 

So I guess all that’s left to do is eat all the things in Mexico, drink all the Coca-Colas, and spend next to nothing next week. My car will be ready when I get back home. 

Good luck to you all! And keep your head up when things aren’t quite going your way! Try to keep those wheels on you lifestyle car. 

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