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Oprah Week Recap

We have LOVED spending time with you all during our Oprah Week of Giveaways!

Each day we demo’d a tool or resource related to our upcoming Lifestyle Reboot.

Each day EVERYONE received a free printable, ebook, or resource of some sort and someone won some amazing gear.
To get your free printable, comment on the post with the word given in the description.
Then go to your FB messenger and respond to our cute robot’s post confirming that you want the resource we’re sharing.
Complete this before you move on to the next video or our lil bot can’t keep up with your requests.

If you missed any of the fun or want to score any of the resources, here are the recaps:

Day 1:  What gets measured gets managed.

Day 2:  Protein Powder: what it is, when and why you might need it, and a million fun ways to play wit it

Day 3: Make your own spices

Day 4:  Sheet pan dinners

Day 5:  Supplements: what you need and why

Day 6: Meal plans: how they’re structured and how to make them work best for you

Day 7:  Lifestyle Reboot: our FAVORITE way to serve you as you work to change your life

Day 8:  InstantPot: meal prep’s secret weapon

Hope you enjoyed this Oprah Week as much as I have!

All the best,

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