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Frugal Friday Four: When To Forget Frugality!

I’m back from Mexico (no Macros exist in Mexico…) with this week’s Frugal Friday. Today is all about the Frugal Friday Four: when to forget all about frugality and splurge on the good stuff. Let’s get right to it!


Wendy’s hit the nail on the head in 1984 with the “where’s the beef” commercial. The beef is at your local butcher. Even better, the best meat is at your farmer’s market or a local farm; buying your meat straight from the people who raised it guarantees the quality. Get the chicken and beef from reputable sources, though, because you don’t want to get swindled by a “farmer” who “grass fed & finished” beef they bought at Aldi just to resell to you at 150% cost increase.

Flashback to 2012: picture a lovely Sunday morning in late spring. The local farmers and farm-fresh distributors have gathered in the big parking lot down the street from your apartment. You have $36 in your pocket in cash and you ask the friendly farmer how many grass fed & finished ribeye steaks you can get this week with your cash. He thinks a bit, and then offers up 6 of the most beautifully marbled steaks you’ve seen since last week when you bought 5 from him.

Okay, so 6 steaks for $36 is kind of frugal… but have you ever been to your local butcher and asked for the leanest cut of tenderloin? I once paid $25/pound for beef out of Colorado. Luckily, I didn’t overcook the filet!


Piggy-backing with the meat “splurging,” you have to splurge on eggs. Farm fresh eggs have yolks the color of a red-skies-at-night sunset. The goldenrod is so pronounced that it actually turns your sugar cookies slightly yellow. 🙂

All that extra color in the yolk means your eggs are loaded with Omega 3s and other nutrients. Have you ever compared a Kroger brand egg to a farm fresh egg? The difference is almost laughable.

Courtesy of google; not sure who original source needs crediting for this photo.
Note: a lot of people have chickens and a lot of these people are overrun with eggs. Most sell for $4/dozen, but I have been known to find them for $2.50. Sometimes, especially if you are a repeat customer, a seller will throw in an extra dozen or 3 because their chickens lay faster than they can given the eggs away. Again, check farmer’s markets and make connections with the vendors.

Protein Powder.

Not all proteins are created equal. Between taste and the ingredients list, I could write a whole separate post on which ones I feel are the best value.

Progenex: $60/30 servings
1st Form: $55/32 servings

Dang, that’s a decent PPS (price per serving for those new to my blog series). Is $1.71/serving worth it? Absolutely, especially considering our unique post-workout needs. I didn’t use to think this way. I thought that chicken breast and sweet potatoes were all we needed as athletes or to assist us in our weight loss journeys… but now I’m convinced it is worth the money.

Instant Pot.

Just go buy one… please. You will thank me later. The $100+ price tag (cheaper during the holiday seasons) is incredibly worth it. Over the last year, my life has been so much easier when it comes to meal prep. I literally cannot rave enough about the investment.

If you would like to purchase one, follow this link.  Note: this link is the affiliate link for MacroEd. The 6qt. is only $99 today!

Reach out to @getmacroed me @megelkins on IG and let us know if you agree, disagree, or agree to disagree with my frugal Friday four. 

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