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For the last couple weeks, we’ve been having coffee together every week day morning at 5:15a EST.  I realize it’s stupid-early but in order to carve out consistent time, that’s my best option.  Some of you crazies have been up EVERY morning with me and many more of you are cueing up the video when you start your morning.  Either way you listen, I am SO grateful that you listen.  🙂

Each day we unpack on reason why you might not be where you want to be…yet.  We’ve covered mindset AND tactical steps.  To access these, you’ll need to be a part of our Facebook group.  Request to join here.

If you’re new to Coffee Chats or want to catch up on some you’ve missed, here’s our list so far:

How Coffee Chats work.

You don’t have your goals in front of you.

You haven’t dealt with your food issues.

You don’t have an insurance plan for when things go sideways.

You’re surrounded by negativity or competition.

You don’t schedule your goals…like, in pen.

You think everyone else has some secret or special something that you don’t.

You’re focusing on achievement instead of growth.

You’re waiting until you can ace it.

You don’t know what you want.

You don’t trust yourself.

See you in the morning!

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