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Weekly Meal Prep

They say, “A day well spent brings a week of content,” and as far as meal prep goes, I have to say they’re right.  I spend a couple hours on Sundays working on weekly meal prep to get our food ready so the week runs more smoothly.  For today, I’ll just tell you what we prepped and how the macros work out.  I’ll share individual recipes throughout the week so you’ll have everything you need to replicate this next Sunday at your place, if you’d like.

Today’s Prep List:
egg cups  96 cal, 0c, 7f, 9p each; 12 servings
burger patties  170 cal, 0c, 8f, 23p each; 8 servings
meat & veggie hash  276 cal, 8c, 9f, 39p; 8 servings
kalua pork roast 201 cal, 0c, 7f, 32p per 150 grams; quantities vary
buffalo chicken dip (life-changing, y’all) 167 cal, 6c, 7f, 20p; 8 servings of 150g each
protein cheesecake 252 cal, 10c, 7f, 23p; 8 servings
chuck roast and carrots 294 cal, 17c, 10f, 30p; 6 servings


hash eggcups buffalochickendip

Here are the final products to check out.  Which recipe would you like to see first?

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