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Peeps are for Punks!

Nothing says love and rebirth like an Easter basket filled with 8,000g of sugar, right?  Ugh!  We can do better than this, friends.  Our kids, significant others, and friends deserve better than an overgrown bag of processed junk that does little more than exhaust their self control and challenge the good habits they’re building.  So, peeps are for punks!


If I’m going to strip away your go-to gift, I promise not to leave you alone scrambling for how to replace it.  Thanks to my good friends at ProjectU and Whitney Hutchison, the coolest mom on the block, here are some ideal replacements:

Media: books, music, movies, downloads.  My kids are tiny so we’re going with The Storybook Bible and the Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story.

Camping Gear: GET OUTSIDE with your favorites.  Gift them a tent, water bottles, flashlights, bug catchers, backpacks, etc.

Arts & Crafts:  Get creative with your love with new crayons, coloring books, activity sets, a trip to the art museum or pottery place.

Pool Stuff:  Use this Easter basket as a chance to kick off summer with a kiddie pool, goggles, pool noodles or floats, life vests, water guns, sunscreen, or trunks & bathing suits.

Sand or Water Toys:  Sand boxes or water tables provide hours of outside fun.  Grab either of these along with buckets, cups, and toys to go with them.

An Obstacle Course:  I know you’re probably freaking out about the cost and effort associated with that, but don’t!  I’m sure you’ve seen this video floating around the internet lately.  Build your own that fits your loved one.

Adventure Eggs:  Little ones are OBSESSED with Surprise Eggs.  (If you are lucky enough to not be familiar with this concept, it involves hours of YouTube videos of people opening plastic eggs covered in play-doh to retrieve trinkets and junk.  I wish I were kidding.)

Okay, if you survived that, make your own surprise eggs with fun adventures inside like a trip to the park, a hike, a movie date, a water gun battle, a dance party, etc.

FitBall:  Or make your own game out of a beach ball.  Write active tasks that your loved ones can do all over the ball.  Toss it up and whatever tasks is closest to the player’s left thumb is the task you do (you the player or you the whole group).  Read more about it here.


So, Peeps are for Punks, but you, my friend, are not a punk.  Get out there and put together an AWESOME Easter basket you can feel good about sharing with someone you love.

Tell me what you’ll include in yours in the comments below.  Happy Easter!

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