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Orange Dream Cheesecake with Raspberry Reduction

Here in MacroEdLand, we LOVE our protein cheesecake.  It’s relatively quick and easy to make and one of the most delicious ways we know of to hit our protein macros.  Up until now, if you wanted to change the flavor of the cheesecake, we just suggested that you use a different flavor of 1st Phorm protein.  There are tons of options available.  But the ever-amazing Amber Pauley took it a step farther and got fancy with adding flavoring to the standard vanilla protein (either Level 1 Vanilla Ice Cream, Phormula 1 Vanilla Milkshake, or the new Naturals Vanilla) to open up the possibilities even further.  By playing with juice and extract, she’s created this AMAZING Orange Dream Cheesecake with Raspberry Reduction and we think you’re going to love it.

Here’s the plan:

For the Cheesecake:
2 – 8 ounce packages Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese
2 – 5.3 ounce Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
Juice from one orange or ¼ cup orange juice
3 Scoops Level 1 Protein Powder Vanilla Ice Cream, Phormula1 Vanilla Milkshake, or Phormula1 Natural Vanilla
Dash of salt
1 tbsp Orange Extract

For the Raspberry Reduction:
1/2 Cup Smuckers Sugar Free Raspberry Jam or similar
¼ Cup Orange Juice

For the Cheesecake:

  • Preheat oven to 300.
  • Let the cream cheese, yogurt, & eggs come to room temperature
  • Using a stand or handheld mixer cream the cream cheese until fluffy
  • Add the yogurt, orange juice, milk, eggs, salt, and orange extract
  • Continue mixing until fully blended or about 3 minutes
  • Add the protein powder a little at a time
  • Scrape down the sides and mix ix an additional 3 minutes until smooth and creamy (the longer the better)
  • Pour into a greased 8X8 glass dish or a spring form cheesecake pan
  • Bake at 300 for 25 minutes
  • Turn the temperature down to 200 and bake an additional 30 minutes
  • Cool on the counter for 30 – 60 minutes then cool in the refrigerator until fully set or overnight.

***Avoid overbaking by not opening the oven too many times. The cheesecake is usually done when it starts to pull away from the sides of the pan.  It will be soft in the center, but continue to set as it cools.  ***

For the Raspberry Reduction

  • Over low to medium heat bring to a boil stirring constantly
  • Allow to boil for a few minutes until reduced slightly
  • Remove from the heat & allow to cool completely in the refrigerator
  • It should be back to the consistency of the jam.

Substitutions that will change the macros, but can be made:

  • Regular Cream Cheese
  • Any flavor of nonfat Greek yogurt to match the protein powder choose
  • Regular dairy milk for the almond milk
  • Leave out orange juice & increase milk by ¼ of a cup

Other Suggested Toppings:

Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup
Whipped Topping
Fresh Raspberries

Servings: 8
Macros per serving: 9 Fat, 10 Carbohydrate, & 23 Protein

Raspberry Reduction 
Servings: 8
Macros per serving: 0 Fat, 6 Carbohydrate, & 0 Protein

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Enjoy your fancy new cheesecake and hug Amber when you see her for sharing her magic with us yet again.

All the best,

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