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Weekly Meal Plan

Confession time:  I hate meal prepping for people.  I don’t mind putting together a few weekly recipes and letting everyone tweak and fill in for themselves, but actually planning everything for a person to eat every day?  Nope.  Makes my chest hurt even thinking about it.  So when I asked everyone in the ProjectU Beginner Course to rate what they wanted to see in the course, I crossed my fingers that meal plans would be the LAST thing on their minds.  As it turns out, that was the SECOND most favorably-ranked course offerings. :/

Luckily, however, WhitHutch (you have a gang name now, just so you know) and Amber are stellar at this meal planning thing.  If it were up to me, you guys would be getting a recipe or two each week to try.  These girls have made it so that you have:
EVERY meal covered (three meals/day plus a snack)
ALL your macros accounted for with a little wiggle room to account for differences in brands of foods (and in case you need room for cream in your coffee or something)
A SCHEDULE so you know what to eat when.  Feel free to tweak and move things around, but they’re set for you if you don’t want to have to think about it.
and a SHOPPING LIST so you know what you need, how much of it, and where it is in the store.

So, if you see Amber or Whitney, hug their necks.  They made this meal plan possible.

Here’s the outline:

Sign up in the form below to get the full plan including:
shopping list
schedule (what to eat with what and when to eat it)
and recipes for everything for the week

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I’m excited to see what you guys are cooking this week.  If you make stuff from the meal prep list and share it on social media, tag me in it so I can see!  @mymacrotools on IG and/or #projectu anywhere.  Happy Prepping!

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