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My Grocery Shopping Sidekick

I cook…a lot.  There are lots of meal plans and grocery lists in my life.  And if those aren’t executed well, it can really mess up my weekly cooking session. It’s so frustrating to have lots of prep going on, be in a good rhythm, and the not have an ingredient you need.  I can’t afford to be disorganized or make last minute trips out in the middle of cooking, so I have an app on my phone called GroceryIQ that keeps me organized.  Since this project is bringing about new or more intense cooking/shopping for you guys, I wanted to share in case it would be helpful to you. (I’m not affiliated in any way w/ GroceryIQ…I just like it and want you to know about it.)


With GroceryIQ, you can update your list whenever you have your phone.  I add to mine throughout the week as we run out of things or as I plan what I’m making next.  It’s organized by department of the grocery store (!!), and super easy to use.  It also has a computer function where you can add to it from your real computer, but I’ve never used that.  Another thing it does that’s great is allow you to email the list so you can print it.  I use this frequently if my husband is doing the shopping because he prefers a paper list.  It even has a coupon function where you can digitally clip (and later print) coupons from the app itself.

So, I love it.  I think it’ll simplify your life and save you from a few extra last-minute trips to the store.  And it’s FREE, so there’s really no reason not to try it.  I hope this’ll help you stay a little more organized and enjoy this process more.

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